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Judith Partelow, poet, is based on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. A WOMAN'S HEART is Judith Partelow's first published poetry collection. She has credits as a journalist, reviewer, theatre/film actress, director and teacher of drama and English. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Parsons College in Iowa in 1968 in Secondary Education and English, and worked towards her Master's degree at Nova University. Her poems have appeared in over twenty publications, including Cape Cod Poetry Review; A Sense of Place; World of Water, World of Sand, and other collections. She was born in New Jersey and has lived in Massachusetts on Cape Cod for over 40 years. For a copy of A WOMAN'S HEART, or CARRY ME BACK, A WOMAN'S LIFE IN POETRY ($12 ea..) send email and address on Contact page and number of copies desired, or mail check to:

683 Main Street, Unit A3, Dennis, MA 02638