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Praise for A WOMAN'S HEART, by Judith Partelow:
An exciting first collection of funny, tender, sexy, nostalgic, gutsy poems that will resonate with your own love and family life, past and present. Order a copy today! And if she's on stage in your area, don't miss hearing them read in her own compelling and professional voice. Barry Hellman

Nice, sexy, passionate womanly poetry. Rowland Scherman

I think every woman, or many women, with our life experience can relate to these beautiful poems. I certainly can. I wrote a whole book of such poems myself. I find this little book direct, honest, and incredibly moving. Thank you for giving it to me! Kathleen Spivack

Hey Luv! Your book is fantastic!!! Had a chance to read it last night. I love the imagery. Kudos! Mwalim Daphunkeeprofessor Peters

I wanted to tell you how much I love your book.The poems are passionate, lovely and wise. They speak to my woman's soul:) Robin Smith-Johnson

As for your poems, they are very powerful and enormously intimate in that strange way when something the author feels is also felt by the reader. I felt a punch to the gut a couple of times when I had a wince of recognition - "this very thing has happened to me!" I find in these poems a lot of strength but also a lot of vulnerability, with flashes of humor and moments of compassions. Bill Falcetano